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1. You must have of a “ricaricard” (chipcard)

At first purchase of a skipass at any of our ticket offices you will be given a ricaricard paying a € 5,00 as deposit. Keep your ricaricard for the winter season and use it for online purchase.You can ask the deposit back by returning the chipcard at our cash desks within the last day of the winter season  (2016/04/10). If you do not return the card by the end of winter, you become the owner of your “ricaricard” and you can use it for years to come.

Buy the “ricaricard” at a cost of € 5.00 at Pila or Aosta “front office” offices. In this case, the “ricaricard” is not in deposit, but it is your property and so you cannot return it back at the end of the winter season

IMPORTANT: the “ricaricard” is a support that never expires and can be used at any Aosta Valley ski resort, both for online or mobile purchase, either for purchase at the ticket office of any Aosta Valley of your choice.

2. You must have any valid credit card.

3. You mast have an internet connection to connect to the sale web site. Use the quick link that you find on the left of your screen marked with this icon:

or click here.

4. Follow the step by step instructions for purchasing.

Please note that the ID of the ricaricard to use for the purchase is printed on the back of the card (see the picture on the right). The types of tickets available for purchase are: 1/2 day, 1 day and multi days skipasses.

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